After-Work-Gespräch am 27.6.2018


Am Mittwoch, den 27. Juni, 18:00h-19:00h laden wir zum 19. After Work­Gespräch ein über

Die Beratungsarbeit der südafrikanischen Organisation „Where Rainbows meet“

News in Germany make us believe that we are facing big migrational problems. Our guest, Mrs. Mymoena Scholtz from the so called rainbow nation South Africa, will give us an example of how an NGO working in multicultural surroundings with lots of migrants living in very difficult socio-economic settings of a township near Cape Town is getting on. Mrs. Scholtz will present the work of the NGO “Where rainbows meet” which is based in Vrygrond, a multi-cultural community of nearly 40,000 inhabitants about 20 km from central Cape Town. Vryground is facing many problems, e.g. more than half of the population have been victims of crime. Mrs. Scholtz founded the organization (first working base was an old car). She has been active in the community of Vrygrond for more than 22 years. She received numerous awards for her sterling work with the community. She is director of a team of professionals and national and international volunteers. She will talk about her work and
would like to exchange ideas about working in this field. Her special focus will be on working with women and on “life skills”, which is a structured interactive, team- and self-esteem building program.

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